Posted on: 05 Jun 2017

Highlighting ‘Tremble Tremble’ at the Venice Biennale

The vast 57th Venice Biennale opened recently, showcasing the work of hundreds of international contemporary artists. The highlight for us is Jesse Jones work ‘Tremble Tremble / Tremate Tremate’ at the Irish national pavilion. So all you artists and critics out there, encourage your continental friends to go have a look at at her artwork. For more information, here is a link

The biennale has 86 official national participants showing in the country pavilions in the Giardini, the Arsenale, and in off-site locations throughout Venice. In addition there are dozens of ‘Fringe’ events in many palazzos, churches and museums throughout the city and on the nearby islands.

It is on until 26 November and there’s a lot to see. A pass to the whole biennale is 25 Euros and many of the offsite exhibitions are free.