Posted on: 29 Nov 2017

Catalyst Arts Centre Belfast until 14.12.2017



Black Mountain at the Catalyst Arts Centre Belfast has commenced and will run for a period of six weeks.

Screening programme: Redmond Entwistle | Adriana Monti

Borrowing ideas from the experience of both historical and contemporary alternative education organisation and self-organised system, the project aims to explore the wider concept of  ‘experiment’ as an ongoing learning practice – providing a public platform where artists, practitioners and general public could engage, sharing experience and knowledge.

Selected artists, researchers and contributors have been invited to work in the gallery space, each for the period of a micro-residency, developing site-specific commissions that will generate a series of publicly engaged events.

Invited contributors:
Cecilia Borettaz – artist | Italy-Belgium
Andreas Kindler Von Knobloch – artist | Ireland
Hamish MacPherson – artist and choreographer | UK
Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti – independent curator | Netherlands-Italy
Screening Programme:
Adriana Monti, “Scuola Senza Fine” (1983)
Redmond Entwistle, “Walk-Through” (2012)
For more details vist  Black Mountain | Public Programme