Posted on: 08 Oct 2017

In Dublin, Wednesday 11 October 2017 6-8pm

Book launch and screening with Susan MacWilliam and Peter Maybury
Studio 6, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios,Dublin.

Artist Susan MacWilliam will be in conversation with Peter Maybury about the making of the book, AN ANSWER is EXPECTED. Following their discussion MacWilliam’s 2013 film AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED will be screened in Studio 6. The audience is welcome to come in and out of the screening as they wish.

Published by QUAD, NN and CONNERSMITH this book illustrates MacWilliam’s body of work AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED (2013–14), and features archive photographs and documents, alongside a transcript of MacWilliam’s film AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED (2013). AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED is an exploration through film, sculpture and installation of the historic extra-sensory perception and telepathy investigations of parapsychologist Dr J B Rhine conducted at Duke University from the 1930s onward.