Posted on: 15 Jun 2019

MExIndex Contextual Writing Award 2019. Deadline 31st August

The MExIndex are delighted to announce a new award for critical writing on Irish artists’ moving images.

The objective is to promote clear informed writing in order to make Irish artists’ moving images more accessible to both the viewing public and engaged artists.

There are many publications on artists’ moving images, including peer-to-peer papers, and texts related to specific works and artists working in moving images.  The MExIndex Contextual Writing Award aims to encourage critical writing about moving images/experimental works from a wider perspective in order to promote vigorous discussion on the genre as a whole. We are looking for a coherent comment on, or an overview of, Irish moving images/experimental film as a genre and how it relates to contemporary visual arts today.


€250 for first prize and €50 for second prize

The submission must meet the following criteria:

Word count: 850-1000 words

Evidence of use of the MExIndex as a resource

An exploratory, reflective approach to the topic, avoiding focus on specific artists or works

Clear and pithy English

If a writer needs any additional information, please email

The submission date is 31 August 2019.

The results of the competition will be announced in October 2019.

All submissions should be headed Critical Writing 2019, and should be sent to