Posted on: 02 May 2018

“Phonemenology” by Riccardo Benassi

Screening at Vdrome—14 May 2018

Vdrome is an online cinema that offers regular, high quality screenings of films and videos directed by visual artists and filmmakers whose production lies in-between contemporary art and cinema. This screening can be found here:


The video takes us on a journey into the customisation of society’s rules that is being operated by interfaces.
Observing how they counterfeit transformation, Phonemenology spans across a material and social architecture that triggers European gangsta-rap, a non-existing popular music genre, into non-visible goods and their visible movement, and into agriculture and techno-privatisation—all threads in Phonemenology’s various chapters.
They would like you to keep it on, day and night, as a background, throughout these next two weeks!

HD video, sound, 92 minutes
Play it at reasonably high volume.
Live Mayday every day.