Posted on: 28 Aug 2019

Sandra Johnston: Wait it Out

Sandra Johnston: Wait it Out

Dates: 29 Aug – 19 Oct

Show Time: 11am-7pm

Tickets: €0 (Free Admission)

Exhibition Opening on 29th August 6.30-8pm preceded by a conversation between Sandra Johnston, Susan MacWilliam and Richard Ashrowan (5.30–6.30pm).

Live performance by Sandra Johnston on 30 August starting at 5pm in the CUBE.
Duration: 45min

‘Why stasis as concept? Negative in one sense of being unable or unwilling to react to circumstances, but also a wry viewpoint of outliving immediate issues, a resilience to short-term thinking. Influenced in part by reflecting on my grandparents’ attitudes towards conflict and change, especially in light of three of them having developed Alzheimer’s late in life, waiting out the present through a slow regression into their past.’

~ Sandra Johnston

With newly commissioned video installations, this solo exhibition by Sandra Johnston grew out of conversations surrounding her time spent in Dublin during the late 1990s and a revisit of her archives from that time. As an emerging artist Johnston was resident at both IMMA and Arthouse, and participated in Project Arts Centre’s OFF Site programme, curated by Valerie Connor between 1998 and 1999. During that time, her performance work ‘Reserved’ took place over two consecutive nights on the rooftop of the former Ormond Hotel, with a video installation shown inside the building containing edited footage of her 24-hour performance.