The MExIndex is a searchable online database with free access to key information and writing on experimental and visual arts-based moving image works by Irish artists, by artists living in Ireland and on subject matter relating to Irish history, politics, culture and society. Works are continually being added to the database. It is a resource It is primarily a resource for curators, gallerists and museums, both national and international, to highlight and help find such works.

The mission of the MExIndex is to collect, collate and make available information on Irish visual arts-based moving image work and to promote critical writing about this genre of visual art. The only catalogue of its kind in Ireland, MExIndex is a leading and central resource for Irish and international curators, programmers, researchers, academics, artists and students interested in this area of cinema and the visual arts.  The work MExIndex is carrying out is ongoing and as such, it is an ever expanding and evolving project.  It seeks to develop audiences for and foster a deeper understanding of this thriving area of moving image practice and culture.

As well as providing an entry on each work in the Index which includes a short descriptive text, stills, key technical information and, where possible, links to view extracts or works in full, the website also act as a location where valuable critical engagement with this material.  Where possible, links or PDFs to reading material about, or inspired by, a film work are posted on individual entry pages to enrich the MExIndex user’s engagement with each artist and their work.

Individual works will be chosen for live screening on the website on the ‘Featured Work’ on the homepage.   By highlighting these specific works, the MExIndex will act as a platform where artists can find new audiences for their work and audiences can discover works they may not otherwise have a chance to see.

Additionally, selections of works will be highlighted on the website in accordance to underlying subject themes, patterns and threads.  This will act as a readymade starter for curators and gallerists to identifying relationships between some works in the Index.

Since its creation in 2015, the MExIndex has been directed by artist Fifi Smith, with the support of Kildare County Council Arts Service, and in partnership with Visual Artists Ireland.