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Sourced from on September 16th 2016

Dean Kavanagh

Dean Kavanagh is an experimental filmmaker from Wicklow, Ireland. He became a member of the international filmmaking collective “Experimental Film Society” in 2008. Since then he has completed over 60 films of short and feature length, which have been screened worldwide. His work is intensely visual, creating detailed atmospheres that respond to the interaction between space, time and the human body. Rural and domestic themes diaphanously sheath a rigorously formalistic interplay between sound and image.

He has worked as a video editor on commercial projects, as well as a freelance cinematographer and has won awards in this field. In 2013 Dean founded Easter Film Group as a creative platform for his films. He is a member of the EFS sound project “Cinema Cyanide”, from which ambient, drone and noise music is produced in the form of online album releases. He has been a recipient of The Irish Arts Council’s ‘Film Bursary Award’ and ‘Film Project Award’. He is currently employed by the Irish Film Programming department of the Irish Film Institute (IFI). He also holds a BA Hons. degree in Media Arts.

(Sourced from on September 16th 2016)


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