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Duncan Campbell

Turner Prize winner (2014) Duncan Campbell is an Irish film-maker who now lives and works in Glasgow. Campbell studied fine art at the University of Ulster and the Glasgow School of Art but moved to film-making, and was one of three artists chosen to represent Scotland in Scotland + Venice 2013. As well as solo exhibitions in Great Britain and the United States, Campbell’s moving image work has been shown in group exhibitions in Europe, Great Britain, and the United States. In 2014-2015, IMMA presented Campbell’s first major exhibition in Dublin.

As the catalogue accompanying the IMMA exhibition points out ( Campbell’s works “focus on particular moments in history, and the people and objects at the centre of those histories. He uses archive material as a route to research subjects and histories that he feels are important. The process of making the films becomes a means to further understand his subjects and reveal the complexity of how they have been previously represented. Although these histories are located in specific times and geographies they resonate with and inform our present. Extensive research into the subjects through archive material underpins all of the films and the histories Campbell chooses to focus on reflect his interest.”

Four of Campbell’s works, including his Turner Prize piece, It for others, are in the MExIndex.


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