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Artist Biography

Emma Finn

Born in Galway, and now working in London, Emma Finn aims to transport viewers to uncomfortable places that sit between reality and invention. Much of Finn’s work begins with ‘the Marks’: more than just drawings in her sketchbooks, for her these are quasi-autonomous forces which emerge with stories to tell. There is a lengthy process of research to identify the stories, places and ideas that ‘the Marks’ are seeking to share. Sometimes there is a particular story inspired by true events; occasionally the development of a drawing or story finds its echo in reality. For Finn history is not a grand narrative but fragments — ideas cut short, strands ready and waiting to be picked up and made into string figures.

Finn’s solo shows include: Double Mountain, Edinburgh Art Festival commissioned programme, Scotland (2015); First a Tent, AIRY, Yokomizo Seishi Memorial Building, Yamanashi, Japan (2016). Group exhibitions/screenings include SOAPBOX, Close Up Cinema (2018); Muscle Wire, Gerald Moore Gallery, London, UK (2017); Between Dog and Wolf, Galway Arts Centre, Ireland (2017); Terra Nullius, Collective Misnomer, Denver, Colorado, USA (2016); Edinburgh Artist Moving Image Festival, Edinburgh, UK (2016); New Scottish Artists: An RSA Exhibition, Fleming Collection, Mayfair, London, UK