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Artist Biography

Sourced from the artist on August 31st 2016

Jesse Jones

b. 1978, Dublin

Jesse Jones is a Dublin based Irish artist. In her films and videos she explores historical gestures of communal culture which hold resonance in our current social and political landscape. Jones’s practice is multi platform, working in film installation, performance and sculpture. Her recent work examines how political movements and ideas might be expanded to institutional performative gestures, Jones questions; how we may look, not only through the lens of vast historical movements but also through the incremental shifts in how we inhabit our everyday lives and experiences.

She has shown internationally at the 9th Istanbul Biennial and Nought to Sixty at the ICA. Solo exhibitions include Artsonje centre Seoul in 2013 and NO MORE FUN AND GAMES at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. Jones has been selected to represent Ireland at the 57th Venice Biennale. She will work with the actress Olwen Fouéré as a performer and with Project Arts Centre visual arts curator Tessa Giblin as commissioner.Upcoming Exhibitions \ projects include In the Shadow of the State commission by Art angel and Create with funding support from Ireland 2016 and Radical Actions RMIT Gallery, Melbourne 2016.

Sourced from the artist on August 31st 2016