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Artist Biography

Joan Alexander

Moving image artist Joan Alexander completed her Masters in Photography at University of Brighton in 2011 having studied Philosophy at Queens University of Belfast and the Institute of Philosophy KU Leuven several years before. Alexander uses philosophy, photography and drawing in equal measure for her work which engages with photography as a primal recording of light, shadow and time. Using a wide range of photographic tools, Alexander collates her work into ‘Shadow Dial Studies’, a collection of works that are informed by the movement of shadows in a particular space. The final pieces tend to be immersive experiences within a gallery space or site specific installation.

Alexander has exhibited in group and solo shows, in Britain and Ireland. She has had residencies in Britain and France, and won a number of awards, including The Danny Wilson Award, in the Brighton Photo Fringe Festival 2012.

Alongside shadows as subject materials in her work, Alexander is increasingly using story telling and memory, and she runs an arts education project, Shadow Studio, which combines shadow casting with animation and story telling.