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Artist Biography

Sarah Browne

Sarah Browne is an artist based in Ireland. Her research-based practice investigates the materiality of knowledge, exploring where invisible structures of power meet bodily, sensory experience. Deeply informed by feminist theory, this sculptural practice includes writing, publishing, performance and public projects, encountered both within and outside gallery environments, as well as extensive collaboration.

Her use of moving image arose from a documentary impulse, and early works paired the display of sculpture with the documentation of those objects being made or used in non-gallery situations. She has since worked with diverse moving image formats, including digital tape, iPhone video, archival material, super 8 and 16mm film. In each case she is concerned with filmmaking as a social and embodied process: she is sensitive to the camera as an object that influences not only the visual appearance of the image on-screen, but the quality of engagement between the camera and the people involved in the production. In her editing process, she considers film as a textile-like material, which provides a useful logic for developing rhythm and considering the relationship of image to sound, particularly in recent film essay works.

Recent solo exhibitions include Hand to Mouth at CCA Derry~Londonderry & Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, and The Invisible Limb, basis, Frankfurt (both 2014). Selected group exhibitions include From a Poem to a Sunset, Daimler Contemporary, Berlin; The Pattern Exchange, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (both 2015); The Peacock, Grazer Kunstverein and One Foot in the Real World, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (both 2013). In 2009 she co-represented Ireland at the 53rd Venice Biennale with Gareth Kennedy and Kennedy Browne, their shared collaborative practice.

Sourced from the artist on October 20th 2016