Posted on: 29 Oct 2019

‘Gothic’ by David Bickley



Title:   ‘Gothic’ at

Soul Noir: Festival of the Dark Arts

Artist: David Bickley
Where : Laragh House, Laragh, Maynooth
When: 31/10/2019 – 01/11/2019 – 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm This will be a ticket only event with a coach bringing the audience from Dublin city centre at 7pm sharp to the venue. Tickets available  here

Details: David Ian Bickley’s immersive audio visual work Gothic is being shown as part of Soul Noir. GOTHIC continues Bickley’s black and white cinematic studies of Irish folklore/mythology set within dark, brooding landscapes. Samhain or Halloween denotes the “crack between the worlds” a time when the human mind can slip through an infinitesimally narrow portal into the shadows, the subconscious world, the reverse of the tangible. The moon is central to this narrative, representing the dark side of consciousness, a threshold symbol imbued with transformative powers. This is also further emphasised by the image of the gateway, passing from one world…