Posted on: 07 Nov 2019

Outburst 2019: Radical Intimacies until 14 January 2020

Title: Outburst 2019: Radical Intimacies

Artist: Stuart Marshall, Katharine Meynell,Charlotte Prodger
Where : Golden Thread Gallery
84-94 Great Patrick Street
Belfast BT1 2LU


Friday 8 November 2019 – Tuesday 14 January 2020

Details:RADICAL INTIMACIES investigate the role of gender and sexual identities in a social, political and cultural moment that has seen the momentous erosion of hard-won rights and the value of freely expressing desire. Presented in this programme are various intergenerational perspectives from a range of works that affirm lives lived outside of the norm and lives that resist the age-old axis of heterosexual male power.

BRIDGIT (2016, 32 mins) Charlotte Prodger’s 2018 Turner Prize winning work takes its title from a Neolithic deity whose name has numerous iterations depending on life stages, locality and point in history. It looks at the shifting relationship between name, body and place, while focusing on female attachments – a process of identification that includes friends and shape-shifting deities amongst her figures of admiration. Prodger cites a set of recordings by musician Alice Coltrane under the moniker Turiya, and the virtual systems theorist and pioneer of transgender studies Sandy Stone’s different names, as multiple embodiments stretching across time and space. The footage ? shot entirely on Prodger’s iPhone ? moves between the domestic interior of Prodger’s home in Glasgow to various locations in the Scottish Highlands, becoming an archive of her day-to-day life.