MexIndex - free database of experimental visual arts and image works by  Irish artists

Shared Themes and Contexts

On this page, selections of works from the MExIndex by a variety of curators are featured. These are offered as a possible springboard of ideas for curators and programmers thinking about creating a new grouping of works. These combinations of themes will also be a useful reference point to writers and scholars wishing to explore the works in the MExIndex.


This selection from 2019 Curator in Residence Marisa Magda Wieckiewick-Carroll offers a glimpse into issues that are both specific to the island of Ireland and of universal value. It looks at themes as diverse as: domesticity, loneliness and loss, our place in time and history. What brings them together is a unique artistic viewpoint and arresting visual qualities. Snapshots is also a representation of the talent and diversity within the field of visual arts moving image in Ireland.'


From an open submission of entry  the MExIndex Curator for 2020 Dr Richard Ashrowan. has found  eight conceptually and visually engaging works that although each standing on its own, have a commonality that can be explored. he wrote' As each of the works began to speak in their myriad ways, some seemed also to begin to orbit around the central idea of displacement, and it was this theme that in turn became my guiding principal for the final selection'


Subject to Weathering

In her survey of the works on the website and beyond, our Curator in Residence for 2018, Michelle Deignan, has selected the work of eight artists, covering the era from 1999 to 2018...

Cityscapes: The Future is Another Country

This selection specifically focuses on cities and landscapes as the physical terrains of possible futures. These are the sites where the effects or the lack of civilization are felt and seen most...

Cityscape: The Ruins of the Present

This is a selection of films that look at urban landscapes as sites of constant transformation, shifting grounds of contemporary life that is increasingly concentrated in cities across the globe.

As We May Think

Eschewing an overarching theme in favour of ‘associative trails’, this selection by Alice Butler Curator in residence for 2016,  indicates a possible route through the MExIndex website, posing questions about...


The Family and other works

Taking Bob Quinn’s 1979 documentary The Family as a central focus, this selection of films highlights the ways in which the family entity or familial relationships are tested and examined across a number of works in the MExIndex

Presences and Possibilities

Two screenings curated by Fifi Smith at the launch of the MexIndex at NUI Maynooth 2015. ' A Survey Through Time'  showed some early films that give us a glimpse of the range of Irish experimental film from the 1920s to the present day . In 'A Survey Through Now' showed a cross section  works from 2014.