Posted on: 09 Nov 2019

The Redaction Trilogy | Kennedy Browne at Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane

Title: The Redaction Trilogy is an exhibition addressing topical issues in relation to technology and social media.

Artist: Kennedy Browne (Gareth Kennedy and Sarah Browne)

Where : Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
Charlemont House, Parnell Square North

When: 4/10/2019 – 26/01/2020


The title of the exhibition derives from Kennedy Browne’s distinctive editing process of gathering and devising texts. As artists they often work as redactors (editors) who interlace writings from many sources into a single text, sometimes adding brief elements of their own, or pointing to similarities and inconsistencies between different accounts. Each of the works in this exhibition incorporates a script for a performance by a single actor (or avatar) staged in a particular place or situation, and is accompanied by a Disclaimer informing viewers of terms of engagement.
Gareth Kennedy and Sarah Browne established the practice Kennedy Browne in 2005 seeking to address the narratives of neoliberal capitalism as a fiction. They work mainly with moving image within a collaborative processes of scripting, editing and re-staging in locations identified as significant within the scenario of global capitalism. Kennedy Browne represented Ireland at the 53rd Venice Biennale alongside the artists’ own solo practices.